Equipment & Services


Safety & Service

A Clean Operation - We believe a clean yard is a happy yard. At Grapperhaus we try to keep all of our roadways clear of debris so our customers need not worry about getting a flat tire.

We have very good coverage through our business insurance with yearly inspections to make sure we are doing our part in keeping our customers safe.


We are dedicated to fast reliable and economical service


We have an aggressive pricing strategy to ensure top dollar for your material



Quality Equipment

At Grapperhaus we have the ability to haul the material with our company owned vehicles and we have our own drivers which means our clients need not worry about who is handling their material or how it is being handled.

Our containers can be placed conveniently on site.


Our equipment is well-maintained


We have a quick turn around for those bringing the material to our yard themselves. This includes weighing in, unloading, weighing out, and getting paid.


We have containers on hand and ready for delivery in a variety of sizes to best suit your needs.


Environmentally Friendly

Our scales are all Illinois State Certified

If you are doing a clean up job & have your own semi truck, feel free to borrow one of our trailers and haul your material into us free of charge.


Or for our container service, call and we’ll have someone look at the material and talk about the best option


 We can pick up for our commercial accounts within 24 hours of notification unless other arrangements have been made.  Terms can be by the job or by the load.



40-45 ft sided trailers and flat beds
Low-side= 4 ft sides



High-side=7 ft sides

High-side=40-45 ft sides



20 yrd=22 ft long x 3 ft high x 7.5 ft wide
30 yrd= 22 ft long x 5 ft high x 7.5 ft wide
40 yrd= 22 ft long x 6 ft high x 7.5 ft wide
45 yrd= 24 ft long x 7.5 ft high x 7.5 ft wide
50 yrd= 30 ft long x 7.5 ft high x 7.5 ft wide
57 yrd – 38 ft long x 7.5 ft high x 7.5 ft wide



8 yrd= 12 ft long x 3.5 ft high x 7.5 ft wide
12 yrd= 10 ft long x 5 ft high x 7.5 ft wide
14 yrd= 12 ft long x 6 ft high x 7.5 ft wide
20 yrd= 18 ft long x 7 ft high x 7.5 ft wide

Our Equipment

We have the latest scrap metal handling equipment which includes

In Bound and Out Bound Truck Scales

Scrap handlers with magnet and grapple capabilities


Large capacity warehouse storage



Truck dock and bays for unloading

Skid steer


For More Information Call: (618) 654-3521

Please contact our office for personalized service