Recycling Price List

Metal Recycling Price List

Grapperhaus Metal Company

*Last updated: 5/18/2024 7:42am


*Prices are current market value and are subject to change at any time!*

To Note: Lunch is taken around 11am Mon- Fri.  Your material may take longer to get to if you come then.

To ensure accurate weights are met we have (2) 70ft, 200,000 lb truck scales and (2), 4ft x 4ft platform scales for small items.

Are you a business looking to clean up shop?

To best suit your needs for the job at hand, we can provide:

  • 40ft. or longer (high-side or low-side) trailers
  • 12-20 yard lugger boxes
  • 20-57 yard Roll-off containers

We will grade 3 types of Ferrous Metals: (Weights in Net Tons)

  • Misc. Iron: $160.00 (farm machinery, appliances [compressors separate], tin, cast, etc.)
  • Prepared Iron: $190.00 (3ft x 18in or shorter, 1/8 inch or thicker, no cast iron)
  • #1 Prep Plate & Structural: $225.00 (consists of I-Beams & plate steel, 3ft long x 18in wide x 18in tall or smaller, ¼ inch or thicker)

***Please try to have at least 500 lbs on Ferrous Material per load***

January 2013 –All transactions MUST be accompanied by a Driver’s License and Vehicle Registration Card! $100.00 MUST be paid by Check. Signature required stating the material belongs to you.

**All non-conforming metals or mixed material WILL be downgraded to the next tier grade!!**

Please DO NOT expect payment if you don’t have your ID with you!  Doing so is asking to break the law!

We do NOT sell back to the general public. 

Non-Ferrous: (Weights per Lb)

Bare Bright
# 1 Copper W
# 1 Copper T
# 2 Copper
Sheet Copper
Red Brass
Yellow Brass
Brass Copper Auto Rads
Alum Copper Rads
Alum Rads
Alum Cans
Prep 6063 Alum Ext
Prep 6061 Alum Ext
Painted Alum
Old Sheet

Cast Alum
Alum Clip
Cl Alum Car Wheels
Alum Breakage
304 PrepSS
$0.50 (mill marked)
301 Prep Stainless
201 Stainless
Wheel Weights
Auto Batteries
Steel Case
Med/Small Electric Motors
Large Electric Motors
Sealed Units
Complete Towers/Laptops

*Prices are current market value and are subject to change at any time!*
To ensure our customers get the best possible price, most of our shipments are mill direct. If you have any further questions on pricing or getting a container just call and speak to one of our friendly employees.
Note: We do not accept Explosive materials, Rims with tires attached, TVs, and other electronics, etc.

Receiving Hours:

Mon – Fri: 8:00am – 4:30pm
Sat: 8:00am – 12:30pm

*Hours are Prompt*


20521 Fricker Road, Highland, IL 62249


618-654-3521/ Fax: 618-654-6709

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